I would highly recommend Xavier's classes! I recently went to his weekly Chi gong/ meditation class and it was a deeply healing and refreshing experience . His classes are completely unique to a lot of what’s offered in Ubud and he has a beautiful, calm energy about him which instantly made me feel at ease.
My body feels so much lighter now and energetically /mentally I feel a greater sense of focus happiness and alignment

Thank you so much! 🙏💜

Camilla Nunn UK

I had an amazing channeling session with Xavier. Connecting with the Ralph Collective Consciousness was extraordinary - they met me where I was at on my soul journey and lifted me to a higher vibration releasing old patterns, behaviours and grief I was storing around my heart. It took a few days to integrate this as it was such a powerful session but afterwards and still now I am feeling great. It has been a tad challenging as I let go of the old but extremely rewarding as the growth has been huge!!! I can’t recommend Xavier highly enough and I’m so grateful to him for his soul work. Huge L�VE

Melissa O'Neill Ireland

Xavier Flow is a beautiful and powerful soul who is truly connected. Having a healing session with him made me feel really calm and present and also made me surrender more to my highest potential. When I look myself into the mirror now, I see more of this divine glow in my eyes. It's beautiful. 🙏 <3 He helped me a lot in my growth process. Even the words he channeled to me, in the beginning, were a direct message that I feel deep inside is my next step to explore and surrender into. I now choose to use different words and see and hear myself more. And I am opening even more to what is truly meant for me.<3

Thank you Xavier for sharing your gift with the world. <3 I would definitely recommend a session with him to anyone who feels the calling. Because what you get from it, is coming to you from your higher self and it's exactly what you need at this moment, to reach the next step into being who you truly are. Old conditioning is not what serves us anymore.
It's time to shine and spread your unique self to the world <3 :) 🙏

Spela Urbanc  Slovenia

I have attended Sacred Starseed Shamanic Cacao Ceremony with Xavier and am beyond grateful for what I have received. I have participated to several cacao ceremonies before, but Xavier's ceremonial cacao from Peru, soulfully complemented with chosen oils and spices, was one of its kind: sweet in its graceful bitterness, fulfilling, comforting and nurturing. The ceremony was simple yet extremely powerful, but the downloads of information started to pour only in the hours after the ceremony, especially during the night. I was overwhelmed with amazement and gratitude for the insights and information received. And I feel it's just the beginning. To anyone interested in one's own expansion and willing to get more clarity on the simple laws of Life and the Universe, I could not recommend it enough. ❤️

Tijana Cukerić Croatia

I chose Xavier for my very first shamanic plant ceremony. I had thought about doing one for many years but I was afraid and concerned about so many things. Then one day I just knew Xavier was the right person for me. I’d worked with him for session work and was impressed by his high level of integrity and how highly sensitive, insightful and skilful he was. But it was mostly because I could trust Xavier to stay present and hold space for me so that I could deeply let go and feel as safe as possible during the experience. I love the way in which Xavier is so inclusive, how he honours both the seen and unseen, how he prepares for his session work and ceremonies and how he is so present in his work; it is truly an honouring of life, and it’s sacred.

Lynn Paterson UK

Xavier is the real deal. Such a powerful and pure healing presence on Earth. He was an integral soul I met in Bali that helped activate so much expansion within. I attended his Shamanic Cacao Ceremony which was deeply healing and attended his Kundalini Reiki workshop. Both of which were quite magical. I now call Xavier a beautiful friend and look forward to working with him when I return. Thank you so much Xavier for sharing your heart and your knowledge 🙏🏽💛

Janice Payne USA

I have been blessed to have the opportunity to spend some time with Xavier while he has been in New Zealand. Connecting with him was like returning home to a familiar face, he is a true free spirit with much to teach others ok their journey.
Spending time with Xavier has taught me a lot about different plant medicines and ways to raise consciousness to new levels where anything is possible. I now have the spark I have been searching for to keep exploring within.
If you have the opportunity to attend a one on one session or a ceremony with Xavier then you won’t regret connecting with this genuine being and his unique methods. He will be guided to provide you with the path to the answers you are seeking.

Caleb Ford  NZ

Xavier’s channeling helped me grow so much. He accessed Sirius and Lumeria in my session, who have downloaded light codes in me to release so many limiting beliefs and reach higher light. His words are so genuine they really call me to look within and grow. He has given me so so much. Because of his beautiful channeling and bright light I’ve become more intuitive which has helped me in my own healing sessions and also in tuning into my heart. Since I’ve been letting myself be guided by my heart and not my mind. I’ve released unworthiness beliefs and have seen how powerful I am and in turn I’ve been able to call in more abundance. My whole life’s perspective has truly changed and I owe it all to this divinely guided soul. Without him I wouldn’t be where I am today and I absolutely love where I am today. I highly recommend Xavier’s healing, it will shift you to the highest light.

Marissa Moon Chicago

Bali Ubud


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