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I had an amazing channeling session with Xavier. Connecting with the Ralph Collective Consciousness was extraordinary - they met me where I was at on my soul journey and lifted me to a higher vibration releasing old patterns, behaviours and grief I was storing around my heart. It took a few days to integrate this as it was such a powerful session but afterwards and still now I am feeling great. It has been a tad challenging as I let go of the old but extremely rewarding as the growth has been huge!!! I can’t recommend Xavier highly enough and I’m so grateful to him for his soul work. Huge L�VE

Melissa O'Neill

I like to share the beautiful experience I had with Xavier. He’s a very gentle and lovely soul with an amazing aura. Xavier channeled my 5th dimension guides and although I didn’t really knew what to expect I remained quite relaxed and found it easy to surrender to what was happening around me because of Xavier’s calming and lovely energy. During the entire treatment I felt super safe and comfortable with him. On top of that, the channeling that he did for me was a life changing experience. I’m still full of gratitude and love and can’t thank him enough for bringing me one step closer to my true self. Love and light ✨🌸🌈❤️

Anna Ley

I received healing from Xavier both in person and distance. He has wonderful and powerful energy which is also gentle and loving. Highly recommend a session with him. Be prepared for some powerful energetic shifts :)

Tara King

I chose Xavier for my very first shamanic plant ceremony. I had thought about doing one for many years but I was afraid and concerned about so many things. Then one day I just knew Xavier was the right person for me. I’d worked with him for session work and was impressed by his high level of integrity and how highly sensitive, insightful and skilful he was. But it was mostly because I could trust Xavier to stay present and hold space for me so that I could deeply let go and feel as safe as possible during the experience. I love the way in which Xavier is so inclusive, how he honours both the seen and unseen, how he prepares for his session work and ceremonies and how he is so present in his work; it is truly an honouring of life, and it’s sacred.

Lynn Paterson