About Myself

My name is Xavier originally from Belgium and have been traveling in Europe (Ireland,Spain and Belgium) for about 15 years and now traveling internationally from New Zealand to South East Asia and now living and settling in Bali, Indonesia .
My journey into spirituality started 10 years ago after a intense healing crisis.
I have met some truly amazing people along my path which I can call earth angels or guides.
A spiritual revelation one day set me back on what is the most exciting spiritual path in my life.
I discovered so many healing paths like Reiki, Amatsu, quantum touch, qi gong, tai chi & ninjitsu which now I am certified in.
Very recently , more specifically on the 28th September 2015 when the triple Blood moon appeared, I went into the most profound states of receptivity where a 14th Density High counsel of light from Sirius has empowered me to do initiations in the new paradigm of living from the heart...the era of 5th dimensional heart consciousness and Beyond.
Since then I have been guiding people into realizing themselves & embodying their true Multi Dimensional aspects and fully living from the heart ... to fully Be Present on this New Earth.


Bali Ubud


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