The only Way out is the Way within

As an integrated Multi Dimensional Being of Light and connected to a very powerful collective consciousness from Sirius, I facilitate people through a range of Holistic Therapies and Life-Enhancing Workshops into living from the Heart more fully.

Holistic Services


Intergalactic & Shamanic Cacao Ceremonies

Discover your StarSeed Origns

By coming together to create a sacred space where you will be given a delicious Elixir of 100% Peruvian Cacao followed by a short introduction and intention setting to the Spirit of Cacao through deep meditation.
As you begin to feel the effects of the Cacao, deep shamanic music at 432hz frequency (the exact frequency of the heart) will follow allowing a space where you can explore through your body & consciousness whilst being in a heart centered space.
The Music you will hear has been carefully selected and will vary from beautiful deep tribal shamanic music to gentle sounds of a tropical forest, angelic voices and topping it up with some gentle live instrumental sound healing.

In this deep dive within; Xavier will also open himself up to channel a 14th density High Counsel of Light from Sirius named "RALPH"'with their pure intention to empower everyone present into a state of heart centeredness whilst anchoring more light.


Kundalini Reiki session

Energy Healing

Kundalini Reiki is a simple yet powerful transformational healing modality and a very safe way to awaken the Kundalini energy. It is a synergy of Universal and Earth energies connecting to higher consciousness. A very efficient healing session given by distance or in person  that brings you back into balance

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Amatsu Treatment

Bring your Body back into Balance

A modern adaptation of an ancient Japanese “hands-on” therapy that can be administered to most neuro - musculo-skeletal problems for correction, pain management and rehabilitation. It promotes homeostasis through the different planes of the body; viscerally, muscular, cranio-sacral & fascia.


Heart Activation Reattunement

Channeling Session (remote/ in person)

In this session your are taken through a guided meditation, a series of light code activations and receive a powerful transmission from the 10th dimensional High Council of light from Sirius called RALPH. In this powerful Energetic Realignment you are gently brought into the depths of your heart consciousness discovering your true potential & recalling your mission on planet Earth.
This session allows one to rediscover and reconnect their Starseed family and alliances which is a true gift to one self and feels like coming back Home. 


Crystalline Light Body Activation

Step into Effortlessness

In this session your are taken through a guided meditation, a series of light coded activations that enables you to reconnect to your Crystalline Light body.  Ralph, a 10th dimensional High Council of light from Sirius channeled by me reignites that Crystalline light body awareness so that you can reinforce it daily and step into a more effortless way of living in these accelerated intense times of change.


Diamond Light Body Activation

Reignite the full potential within

Ralph, a 10th dimensional High Council of light from Sirius channeled by me facilitates this Diamond Merkaba Light Body activation so that you can reinforce it daily and step into pure effortlessness and see deliberate creation unfolding seamlessly.

This activation helps you fully uncover the infinite power within and tap into the effortless nature of Being. Attuning someone to this requires a full activation & embodiment of previous Heart and Crystalline light body first.

Light Language facilitation

Activation higher denser light codes through light language transmissions

With light language you can bypass the mind and let consciousness take over so that a full integration and activation can take place within the body mind  and spirit.  A seamless connection to source is being established and DNA activations and memories from your souls journey can take place.  It can also facilitate people's ability to talk the light language from a more embodied heartful place

"The only Way out is the Way within"

Ralph High Counsel of Light from Sirius



Bali Ubud


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