The only Way out is the Way within

Holistic Services


Sacred Cacao Ceremonies

By coming together to create a sacred space where you will be given a delicious Elixir of 100% Peruvian Cacao followed by a short introduction and intention setting to the Spirit of Cacao through deep meditation.

As you begin to feel the effects of the Cacao, deep shamanic music at 432hz frequency (the exact frequency of the heart) will follow allowing a space where you can explore through your body & consciousness whilst being in a heart centered space.
The Music you will hear has been carefully selected and will vary from beautiful deep tribal shamanic music to gentle sounds of a tropical forest, angelic voices and topping it up with some gentle live instrumental sound healing.


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Amatsu Treatment

Bring your Body back into Balance

A modern adaptation of an ancient Japanese “hands-on” therapy that can be administered to most neuro - musculo-skeletal problems for correction, pain management and rehabilitation. It promotes homeostasis through the different planes of the body; viscerally, muscular, cranio-sacral & fascia.

Counselling session

Realising the Nature of the Being

Through my powerful discerning capacity and tuning in ability, I will guide you into a more precise heart present state of Being where so much more aliveness and clarity arises.

"The only Way out is the Way within"

Xavier Flow


Kundalini Reiki session

Kundalini Reiki is a simple yet powerful transformational healing modality and a very safe way to awaken the Kundalini energy. It is a synergy of Universal and Earth energies connecting to higher consciousness. A very efficient healing session given by distance or in person  that brings you back into balance



Bali Ubud


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